General Engg Labs


  • In order to develop skills in handling Instruments/Equipment and taking readings in the practical classes, every student is provided with experimental setup for doing experiments in the laboratory.
Engineering Physics practical classes provide the fundamental concepts in engineering orientation. CHEMISTRY LAB:
  • The knowledge of Engineering Chemistry is quite essential in the development of the industry. Modern development of industries requires a comprehensive understanding of materials. Engineering Chemistry explains various aspects with regard to environment, fuels, metals, alloys and polymers.
  • Our Chemistry lab is well equipped with good lighting, ventilation and water facility . In case of emergency we have first aid kit and also fire extinguisher. We impart both intellectual skills and motor skills to our students which is very essential to work in the industry. In our Chemistry laboratory the students are taught both Quantitative (Volumetric) and Qualitative (Salt) analysis.COMPUTER LAB:
  • This Lab has 80 systems with internet facility .This lab is developed to impart training to students in computer fundamentals, C language, MAT Lab ,Auto Cad and VHDL. This lab also provides facility to undergo CISCO training.